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"Studies indicate that a state of sexual excitement and active sex life can prolong our life expectancy, contribute to our heart health, improve the ability to handle pain, strengthen our immune system and even protect us from a few types of cancer, and we still did not talk about improving our mood and lessening the level of depression"

(Alice Park, TIME Magazine)

No one has invented a law that forces us to enjoy sex yet. However, the people who enjoy it live a much better life.

The ON Medical Centers was established to address exactly that purpose. The ON Medical Centers enables you to significantly improve your sex life quality in a discrete and professional manner.

We know that the embarrassment and fear are great, and therefore it is important to us that you know that only the most professional expert urologists together with well-experienced and knowledgeable sexologists will treat you in the ON Clinic Network.

The treatment is individual and complete discreetness is maintained. There is no chance you will meet any familiar faces at any stage of your visits in our clinic.

And please note! We are committed to complete medical confidentiality.

Who is our customer?

The ON Medical Centers is the right address for anyone who is interested in improving his sex life quality and achieving a more satisfactory and enjoyable sex. Our treatment also intensifies and increases your self-confidence.

The main fields of treatment:

- Erectile dysfunction

- Erectile weakness or unsatisfactory erection

- Premature ejaculation

The ON Clinic Network specializes particularly in providing medical help to the people suffering from sexual function disorders due to diabetes, blood vessel diseases and taking medications for heart condition and hypertension.


The causes of sexual functioning problems

Impotence can be caused by physiological reasons, psychological reasons and any combination of both.

Physiological reasons:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Hormonal malfunction
  3. Alcohol
  4. Heavy smoking
  5. Side effects of hypertension medications
  6. Blood vessel diseases
  7. Nerve damage.

Psychological reasons:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Bad sexual education
  3. Bad relationships between the spouses
  4. Loss, mourning (divorce, becoming widowed).

Individually tailored treatment

The important part of the treatment is correct and precise diagnosis of the cause to the problem. The doctor provides different treatment solutions for every customer according to their physical and mental needs. The many treatment options are varied and they include: medications, hormonal treatment, sexological treatment, medicament injection, and in some cases the treatment options include a combination of several solutions.

The ON Clinic Network is the worldwide leading network in this field of treatment, and therefore we are always updating innovative methods and solutions.

All the treatment methods and medications are fully approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and by the American FDA.




Forget about those age tales

Everyone can improve his sex life quality at any stage of his life and at any age. Our service is provided for men of various ages and our high success rates do not leave even the older ones out. Our satisfied customers include also men of 85(!). Because when we talk about sex life, age does not count, and this is not just a slogan.


There are thousands of people like you out there

Look carefully at these data: One of every eight men in the world and also in Israel suffers from sexual function problems. Unfortunately, most of them still prefer pushing the problem aside. Denial and suppression generally produce tensions between the spouses and sometimes they even lead to separation, and for others, the problems tend to damage their self-confidence and their everyday functioning.

However, there is another way. More and more men understand that it is necessary to handle this problem and solve it in order to avoid such incidents.

Many men who suffered from impotence, premature ejaculation and other disorders were treated and returned to full functioning and pleasure in their sex life.

Not for men only

In most cases, sexual function disorder is not solely your problem. Quite many women find it difficult to deal with their spouse's erectile dysfunction or loss of sexual desire. Studies indicate that those women sometimes feel that they are unattractive or insufficiently feminine, and they take the full blame upon themselves. In the ON Medical Centers we believe that the way to solving the problem involves both spouses. We encourage the case of the spouse's joining the meetings. You should know: in many cases the women are those who initiate the first meeting and encourage their spouse to treat himself. However, some of the men come on their own initiative and without their spouse's knowing. This is also acceptable, and there is nothing wrong about it.





In the ON Medical Centers ? Our View

Enjoyable and fruitful sex life is an important key to a much better life. This concerns you and your life, your fulfillment potential and not less important ? this concerns your spouse.

Normal sex life is an important key for healthy functioning in all fields of life, and especially in the couple's relationship. If there is any problem, it is preferable to handle it immediately rather than suppress it. We are certain that you understand that.

Our clinic will provide you with all answers to all problems or questions that may rise during and after the treatment.

The professional team of the ON Medical Centers is always at your disposal, and we are committed to providing the most wholehearted treatment

ON Medical Centers.

The expertise is all ours. The pleasure is all yours.
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